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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Brew Rig

I recently purchased a top tier system from Blichmann and I must say I love it. I find myself going out to the garage just to look at it. I thought I would do a quick write up so if other brewers are considering spending the cash this may help.


I went with the three burner set up and I am glad I did. The beauty of this system is how customizable it is. You truly can set it up to suit your brewing style. The burners are great the kick out some serious horse power and have no problem with the five gallon batches I brew. I also bought a pump and the Therminator 40 plate chiller.

Let's talk about the chiller for a moment. I live on a farm and have well water which normally runs about 55-58 degrees. This chiller can cool my wort down to pitching temperature in about five minutes. I used to use a immersion chiller that took about a half an hour with constant swirling. This was my least favorite part of brewing hands down. Now it is easy no hassle event.

I bought two 10 gallon Blichmann pots one with the hopblocker and one with a false bottom and auto sparge feature. These kettles are awesome form the site glass to the temp gage they work great and I love them. My only regret is that I didn't opt for the 15 gallon tun for the extra space. I have a keggle I use for my hot liquor tank and gravity feed the sparge.

Finally I bought cam locks for easy on and off access along with new silicone tubing. I have brewed three batches on this system and I could not be happier.

It is a big investment but I have never enjoyed brewing as much as I do now.


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  1. That is a great rig. I have an immersion chiller myself. And while it's much faster than an ice bath, I am ready to move on to something faster. Like you said, it's my least favorite part.