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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where to Start?

So I have been thinking about staring a blog about one of my passions and that is home brewing. I know I am not the first to do this or the last or the best. But I wanted to start tracking my journey in a way that I could share with anyone who wanted to read it. I am by no means an accomplished writer so this is a stretch to my comfort level but what the hell.

I made my first home brew over seven years ago. It was a kit and a blackberry ale. My long time friend Mike P. showed me the way and helped me a long on that brew day. We didn't have a ton of space in our home in MD and soon we had a daughter so I didn't make another batch for four plus years. That changed when we moved back to "Friendly Acres Farm". I decided to get back into brewing. This time I was hooked. I started with a few kits and quickly moved from kits to all grain. I went from bottling my brew to kegging and with each batch I tried to create something different and enjoyable. I have now made 25+ brews some have been great others terrible. What I have learned is that this hobby is a source of stress relief and fun. I love to create and the drink the fruits of my efforts. I love to share this beer and knowledge with like mined people and that is where this blog was born.

In the past year I have cranked up the overall "look" of my brewing operation. I have come with a name "Friendly Acres Brewing" a logo and a plan to someday go pro. I have gotten new equipment and new recipes in hopes to make the best beer possible. I am not sure if I will fail or succeed but I do no I am looking forward to the journey.

My goal is post on this blog my journey. It may be about a specific batch, equipment, successes, failures, or just random accounts of what my process is. If you want to read and follow along, cool! If not that is fine too. Cheers for now.


  1. Happy to say I was there at the beginning. Keep up the good work Bobby! And keep the recipes coming...... Pumpkin Abbey maybe?

    1. Thanks! Yes you were one who started me down this path. I will post the Pumpkin Abbey next